BURANE II is a universal Erbium YAG laser system for classic aesthetic ablation. The Er:YAG laser is ideal for skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, smoothing of scars and removal of benign skin changes including those associated with aging.

With a 2940nm wavelength, the BURANE II system provides an all-around solution for skin rejuvenation and for precise cold ablation of superficial pigmented skin changes. BURANE II XL is an extended version of the system with unique Triple Mode Technology and two optional handpieces offering fractional ablative capabilities.

·         Optimal skin resurfacing- using a gold standard wavelength for cold ablation, adding heat only when needed
·         Precision – with six spot sizes
·         Fast treatment – with high power and high pulse repetition rates
·         Exceptionally versatile – treating a wide range of indications
·         Upgradable – with the option to perform fractional treatments
·         Minimal side effects