The OPUS system, featuring Alma’s proprietary high-frequency, unipolar technology, introduces the Opus Plasma® handpiece—the first-of-its-kind Fractional Plasma® technology in the skin resurfacing market.

Key Features and Benefits for Doctors:

  • Fractional Plasma Technology: The OPUS system utilizes Fractional Plasma® technology to deliver precise and controlled energy to the skin, addressing textural and skin-quality concerns with minimal downtime.

  • Less Downtime: Compared to traditional ablative lasers, the OPUS system offers significant results with less downtime, making it an attractive option for patients seeking effective treatments without extended recovery periods.

  • Targeted Treatments: The OPUS system comes with varying tip options designed for precision, allowing practitioners to target specific areas and skin concerns with accuracy.

  • Quick Treatment Sessions: Full-face treatments can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes, making the OPUS system efficient for both patients and practitioners.

  • Visible Results: Patients can see visible improvements after as few as one treatment, with optimal results typically achieved after a series of 2-3 treatments.

The OPUS system’s advanced technology and ability to deliver effective results with minimal downtime make it an excellent choice for dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners. By offering OPUS treatments, you can provide patients with a cutting-edge solution for skin resurfacing that meets their aesthetic goals.

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