The Perfect Hydradermabrasion Solution for Extremely Effective Skin Cleansing
Treatment List:

  • 3-in-1: Synergetic Solution – Deep Cleansing, Nourishment & Hydration
  • 360° Rotating Silicone Tip for Deep Cleansing & Optimal Coverage
  • Excellent Pre-laser Treatment for Enhanced Results

The Harmony XL Pro for the Best Anti-Aging treatment of the year (2019-2020)

Harmony XL Pro by Alma Lasers combines a full spectrum of aesthetic solutions, advanced technologies and beautiful, natural looking results to
create complete aesthetic harmony.

Harmony XL Pro is a powerful, all-in-one solution for all of your aesthetic needs. Using breakthroughs in medical aesthetic research and technology, Harmony helps to stop the clock from head to toe, with a wide variety of treatment solutions customized to your specific needs. The versatility of the Harmony platform makes it suitable to different age groups with different needs, by treating over 65 different skin condition.


Boost Your ROI, Risk-Free.

A unique and innovative skin resurfacing solution, DermaClear brings together exfoliation, cleansing, extraction and hydration, to enable effective treatments with excellent results. Deep, yet gentle, DermaClear achieves both exfoliation and skin rejuvenation simultaneously, providing a soothing and refreshing experience for patients. There is no downtime, no discomfort, and no irritation. Simple to use and easy to maintain, and with its clear, user-friendly UI and simple operation, DermaClear is seamlessly integrated into any clinic with no effort. This is a must-have for any skin care clinic, as it offers a high return on investment – with virtually no risk – brought to you by Alma, the world’s leading provider of skin care solutions.

Step 1: CLEANSE and PEEL.

Gentle exfoliation opens up pores and removes dead skin cells, resurfacing the skin.


Debris is removed from the pores with painless suction using the vortex-extraction nozzle and antioxidants and moisturizers quench the skin.

Step 3: FUSE and PROTECT.

The vortex-fusion tool infuses an antioxidant and anti-aging serum into the skin to promote elasticity and hydration.

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